Western Wildlife Artist

Finders KeepersWildlife art has become a career for me but that was purely unintentional. Observing nature and depicting animals I’ve encountered in some medium or another has always been a natural part of my life.

As an avid hunter and taxidermist I have had the opportunity to study wildlife from a very intimate and unique standpoint. These experiences provide me with a deeper insight and knowledge of animals and their habitats as well as much of the inspiration required to create each new composition.

I have been heavily influenced by great wildlife painters such as Leon Parson, the late Carl Rungius and Bob Kuhn.  As a young boy I remember getting lost in the pages of Outdoor Life Magazine and marveling over the illustrations by these artists. This truly ignited the fire that fueled my desire to become the best artist I could be.

Simply, my goal as an artist is to create quality art and all that entails, depicting my subjects accurately in their natural habitats while maintaining a sensitivity to composition and the colours of nature that flood and nourish my soul.  In conclusion I hope that the finished works evoke the same powerful feelings to the viewer that initially inspired me to push through the creative process and to ultimately complete the artwork.


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